About Us

Over 35
Years of Legacy

With over 35 years of legacy, Maa Ka Chulah is a Food Catering and Snacks Delivery Service that has been providing delicious and authentic home-cooked food to its customers. Run by Rajni Mathur, we take great pride in using high-quality, fresh ingredients to prepare our dishes and snacks. Our food catering service includes catering to intimate gatherings, family and festive gatherings, as well as corporate gatherings of any scale. We curate exclusive menus that cater to our client's budgets and occasions and promise to deliver fresh home-cooked goodness.

Our snack delivery service is the latest addition to our legacy and includes a wide range of sweet and savory treats, such as Ladoos, Namakpare, Namkeen Kaju, and Matthi, which are perfect for snacking on during tea time, festivals, parties, or as an evening treat. We understand that our customers are always on the go and need quick and tasty snacks that they can enjoy at any time of day. At Maa Ka Chulah, we take great care in ensuring that our customers have the best possible food experience. We have built our legacy by providing delicious, hygienic, and home-cooked food that our customers love. And we are proud to continue this legacy with our new snack delivery service, which brings the same level of quality and care to our customers.

Our Story

Maa Ka Chulah was born out of the passion for cooking and the desire to share the joy of home-cooked food with others. It was started by Rajni Mathur, a homemaker who has a passion for cooking and is known for her delicious recipes among family and friends.

Rajni's son, Piyush Mathur, has over 10 years of experience in the Marketing industry and always had a dream of starting his own food business. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Piyush saw an opportunity to address the needs of those who were away from their homes and missed the comfort of their mother's home-cooked meals. He decided to provide a solution by bringing his mother's delicious recipes to a wider audience and delivering hygienic, home-cooked food straight to people's doorstep.

With his expertise in the Marketing industry and Rajni's skills in the kitchen, they decided to start Maa Ka Chulah as a food catering and snacks delivery service that specialized in Indian delicacies. They started by catering to intimate gatherings and soon expanded to offer a wide range of dishes and snacks that could be delivered to people's homes or offices.

Maa Ka Chulah's commitment to providing fresh, hygienic, and delicious home-cooked food has made it a favorite among its customers. We take great pride in using high-quality, fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes, and their exclusive menus are tailored to fit their client's budgets and occasions.

Today, Maa Ka Chulah is known for its mouth-watering food offerings and its commitment to providing the best possible food experience to its customers. With over 35 years of legacy, Maa Ka Chulah continues to grow and expand its reach, bringing the joy of home-cooked food to more people than ever before.