Snacks & Meals

Welcome to the ultimate destination for all your Indian snack cravings! Maa Ka Chulah is dedicated to providing you with the most delicious and authentic Indian snacks that you will absolutely love. From spicy to sweet, we have it all covered!

Swad Apnepan Ka

We understand the importance of comfort food and the memories they hold, which is why we offer a range of snacks & meals that are reminiscent of home. If you're yearning for homely meals or craving crunchy Indian snacks to snack on then don’t worry we have something for everyone. Our snacks are not just a treat for your taste buds but also for your soul.






Over 35
Years of Legacy

With over 35 years of legacy, Maa Ka Chulah is a Food Catering and Snacks Delivery Service that has been providing delicious and authentic home-cooked food to its customers. Run by Rajni Mathur, we take great pride in using high-quality, fresh ingredients to prepare our dishes and snacks. Our food catering service includes catering to intimate gatherings, family and festive gatherings, as well as corporate gatherings of any scale. We curate exclusive menus that cater to our client's budgets and occasions and promise to deliver fresh home-cooked goodness.

We Cook When You Order

Whether it's a corporate event, a special occasion, or a party, let Maa Ka Chulah be your go-to destination for all your Indian food needs. Come and savor the taste of our home-cooked food and experience the love and warmth that we put into each and every dish.

Corporate Events

From aromatic spices to rich flavors, let us bring the comfort and warmth of home-cooked meals to your office gatherings.

Special Events

Make your special occasion even more memorable with Maa Ka Chulah's delectable home-cooked Indian meals.

Wedding & Others

Let Maa Ka Chulah's authentic & flavorful dishes be the highlight of your next special event, leaving your guests craving for more.